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I'm a grandpa raising my grandaughter and because I'm on a fixed income we have used our local food bank. So I invented my garden containers for the clients of the food banks. Which developed into Dirty Hoe Farms. 

Customers can order fully planted garden that are dropped off. Then at the end of the season I pick up my containers to reuse the following year.

People can order containers, planted gardens, soil and gravel or vegetable for the garden. Then donate them to their local food bank.

We provide free gardens in city parks for the street people.

We have removed all the labor so anyone can have a garden. My system uses less water (once a week or less). My containers have their own reservoir and waters from the bottom. No sprinklers, saves water.

All our materials are reused pallets or reclaimed cedar that would have be burnt.

No rotortillers are used.



Order your garden right from us Never garden on your knees

Grow your own organic vegetables with no planting or labor.

No sprinklers, no evaporation, only water once a week, go away with no worries, save water and money with sub-surface watering

Grow more abundant stronger plants with deeper roots

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